Bacon Cups for salad or mashed potatoes... Yum, great for the holidays!-super Idee für eine Garten Party ;-)

Bacon Cups

Bacon Cups for salad or mashed potatoes. I don't know if this is a brilliant idea or a terrible one! Brilliant because yum! Terrible because it gives me the excuse to eat SO MUCH that negated by putting a salad in it?

Tag 1/3: funny food - lustiges essen für gross und klein kreativ zubereitet! Für Spaß an der Diät :)

Sheep fruit after school kids toddler fun snack plate.

Frischer Avocado-Mango-Mozzarella-Salat

Frischer Avocado-Mango-Mozzarella-Salat und eine Gewinnerin

Frischer Avocado-Mango-Mozzarella-Salat 100 ml Orangensaft evtl.

Nur nicht den Faden verlieren: Creadienstag: Piraten-Geburtstag

Als Teller für die Pommes?

Pancakeart  Hai

Celebrate Shark Week with a Breakfast to Remember

great technique for making any shape pancake! This one's perfect breakfast for Shark Week!

Apparently pretzels are "unusual" in Switzerland

Pancakeart Poodle Pancakes

This poodle pancake even appears to have a bit of attitude, thanks to the sliver of grape for the eye. Make poodle pancakes HERE at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. And on a side note, pink?

Herzhafte Mini-Cheesecakes mit Tomaten-Marmelade

Verkehrte Welt oder herzhafte Mini-Cheesecakes mit Tomaten-Marmelade

Herzhafte Mini-Cheesecakes mit Tomaten-Marmelade


umwerfendes kochbuch: NOMA von René Redzepi

Photo from Noma Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine. Pork neck and bulrushes, violets and malt.