Detlef Behnken

Detlef Behnken

Detlef Behnken
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Strengthen your back and clear your head practice

Try this yoga practice that uses simple back bends to help you strengthen your back and start the day with stable body, high energy and clear mind.

Moon Salutation Viniyoga-style

Teaching my mind to calm down one breathe at a time. (Pictures featured on this page belong to their respective owners. If you see your picture featured and don't want it to be, let me know and I'll take it down right away.

Yoga practice for pelvic floor strengthening

We know that kegel exercises are useful for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles; did you know that you could also integrate them into your yoga practice?

Vini Yoga. Love this workout! Has been amazing for my lie back & hip discomfort!

Has been amazing for my lie back & hip discomfort!

Yoga practice to stop mental chatter - Sequence Wiz - create effective yoga sequences

Silence your inner critic with this simple yoga practice. It is designed to stop the mental chatter, focus the mind and connect to something larger then ourselves.