Poke small holes in a dark lampshade to make a picture. Looks neat.

40 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Aren't Just For Christmas Poke holes in a dark lampshade for a starry effect. Duvet Home Decor "Safely pack you.

Floor tile - Mother of pearl hexagon tile

White Hexagon Pearl Shell Tile

As my husband knows, I would totally put this up in my home. Not sure he'd like it but I do have my own girl cave to decorate....

Beware the Moon - Skulls Wallpaper - Bronze on Oil Slick. This company sells some stunning (and expensive) wall papers in a rage of unusual finishes including glitter, oil slick and flock. There are also some amazing prints and designs in their catalogue.

playhouse, potting shed, studio, office... any beautiful place you want it to be!

Purple garden shed! This little dream cottage has to have a garden shed.

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British living room, Love the print and the union jack couch and ottoman.

Pink shelving.

The new closet trend is on the rise- “glam closets." These glam closets turn the idea of a walk-in closet into a fabulous dressing room. For some, the closet has become its own room and entity.

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living room decorating ideas Outdoor kitchen Cottage Front Porch --- Summer Front Porch Decor Love this for the kitchen living room decorati.

Velvet chaise.

Spiral staircase, pink chaise lounge and books -- what's not to love!


This is a great idea. A colorful cozy outdoor deck using pallets for seating. Think of all the pillow possibilities!

Secret door. WANT! by pauline

Secret door to hidden room! Teal blue walls and arched secret door opens to hidden room. Faux bookcase opens to secret room.