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How to Cook the Perfect Steak on the Stove - Mary Vance, NC
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How to Cook the Perfect Steak on the Stove - Mary Vance, NC
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How to Cook the Perfect Steak on the Stove - Mary Vance, NC
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Gouda Short Rib Grilled Cheese | Gouda Short Rib Grilled Cheese 3 Pounds of Short Ribs Kosher Salt (To Taste) White Pepper Smoked Paprika Sear Your Short Ribs On All Sides 2... | By Daron The Chef | Short rib grilled cheese. I'm really really too nice and y'all know when it come to a sandwich I'm going to body the sandwich every single time. Like this is nothing different. So first I'm going to get some short ribs. For my short ribs I always hit it with some avocado oil. Just to be able to mix that seasoning well and make sure everything is seasoned. Listen to me. When you got a thick cut of meat like oxtail, short rib, you gotta be a little heavy on a seasoning because it's a thick cut of meat. We going to hit it with some white pepper and short ribs. You don't need all of that seasoning in it because it's going to be so flavorful with the kosher salt, white pepper, than the smoked paprika. People. Smoked paprika has a taste. Regular paprika does not. If you did not know, now you know. Now we're going to go ahead and use our hands. I'm going to get all of that seasoning mixed in well. Me personally I don't be marinating my my meat like my oxtail, my shrimp. I just really like just freestyle it I guess. And I always add a little bit more extra seasoning when I'm not marinating because you kind of like cooking it off the arm when it really going to marinate so you really want to be flavorful. Now this is a Dutch oven from Amazon. I think large. It's it's a large Dutch oven. Now I'm going to sear my oxtail and some avocado. See look I said oxtail. I'm so used to oxtail. I'm going to sear my short rib and some avocado oil. We going to give it color on every single side. You want to make sure that it has a color on every single side. Once you do that you want to go ahead and remove it. I don't know what I was doing right here while I was taking something to record. I don't even know if I was recording. Now this right here is when I messed up. So I threw the onion in there then a whole like I just be doing too much. So we're going to add some onions in there. Then we're going to hit it with some tomato paste. Then you go ahead you want to slide in with a little spatula thing and now we're just going to mix this up and get all of that flavor off the bottom of the pan because that's not burnt like I always say that's flavor trust me now we're going to go in with some Better Than Bouillon this is the beef flavor this right here is low key goatie and you only need about like a tablespoon or that was two teaspoons so you you'll be able to taste that once you add everything in it. So now you want to go in with some red wine. The red wine that I'm using is the bev that I got in this video today. We're we're going to go in with some water. Now we're going to add in some garlic that we're going to go ahead we going to add in some time. Now you want to go ahead and add those short ribs back in there. And before you even add the short ribs I didn't show y'all. Like I just stir everything up and I just like tasted it a little bit. Just to see like what I need it. You know probably need a little extra salt. Whatever it is that you need. Now I'm going to cover it. I cooked mine in the oven. I always cook myself in the oven. I don't know why. The oven is just like way better than me. Now once it looked like this it should be nice and glazed. And you see how just folding off that bone so easily. This is what you want. It's going to take 3 hours. Three two and a half three hour because you want that flavor. Now I would I do not recommend using curry gold garlic or herb butter because this butter burns really really quick. So you can use regular butter. But if you want to use this you can. So now I got some Italian bread. I'm going to throw it on the butter. Add some gouda cheese because it is a gouda short rib grilled cheese of course. So we're going to add some gouda cheese and you could really do whatever cheese you want to do but I kind of thought that the gouda would go better with the short rib. Now to my short ribs that I just crumbled up with my hand I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to add that on there. Then I'm going to add more cheese. Add that top bread. Add a little bit of more butter. I'm going to flip it and toast the other side even though I got a bev. Stop playing me for real.
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Seriously Tasty Mississippi Roast
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Unlocking the Magic: The Ultimate Guide to Slow Cooker Beef Stew
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After eating ground beef like this, ¡I didn't want to do it any other way! | After eating ground beef like this, ¡I didn't want to do it any other way! | By Recipes 1A | From this recipe, you won't eat ground beef in any other way. It's very easy. For this recipe, we will need a kilo of ground beef. And I'll add four units of whole eggs to it. Then I will mix very well until the eggs are incorporated into the ground beef. Friends, ground beef is very easy to prepare. But in this way that I will teach you. I am sure that everyone will love it. Because of how delicious this recipe is. I'm going to add a teaspoon of salt. Then a table spoon of chimichurri to taste. Also a table spoon of oregano. And finally I will add a tablespoon of paprika powder. Friends, remember that you can use the species you like the most or that you have at home. Once the seasonings are added, I will mix very well so that they are incorporated into the meat. Already mixed very well. I will add a medium onion chopped into small pieces. A four crushed garlic cloves. And I will mix everything again very well. Friends, I send my recipes to those who interact with my recipes. Tell me what city you watch my videos from to send you a special greeting. Also for this recipe, we will need two potatoes already cooked and peeled, I will crush it very well until you get a puree. Once the potatoes have been crushed. I will add it to the ground beef already seasoned and with my hands, I will mix everything very well. If you've made a as far and you're enjoying this recipe, don't expect to go all the way. Leave your likes and a message below with your city or country to send you a greeting. And don't forget to send this video to all your friends. Because I'm sure they'll love this new way of making ground beef. After mixing the potatoes well with the meat. I will add a cup of ground bread and mix again with my hands to incorporate the bread crumbs into the ground beef. You saw how easy it is to make this recipe using ingredients from our day to day very easy to find and that most people have at home. Tell me if you've seen a recipe with ground beef this way and if you've ever made one this way at home, I'd like to know. I have already incorporated the bread crumbs into the meat. I will divide the dough in half and grease a baking bowl with a little oil and with the help of a silicone brush. I will spread it well on all sides. So that the meat does not stick to us when I take it to the oven. He has already greased the bowl. I will add half of the meat and spread it to cover the entire bowl in the way I show you. It is important that you extend it well and tighten it so that they have the same thickness. Once half of the ground beef is put in the bowl, I will add 200 grams of cream cheese and spread it well until all the meat is covered. This cream has a delicious very special taste. It does not let the meat dry making it super creamy. But if you do not have cream cheese, you can also add mayonnaise which will be super delicious meat in the same way. Now add to add the grated mozzarella cheese enough to cover all the cream cheese. Friends, is something optional but I advise you to put the mozzarella cheese this will give a special touch to the ground beef. Now I will put the other half of the meat I had in store. Guys, before I forget, tell me which city or country you are looking at us to send you a special greeting. Today's greeting is for Patsy Holly from California, also for Vilma Manago from Philippines and for Alec Rabson from Zambia, thank you for always watching our videos. Finally, I will add a little olive oil and with a silicone brush, I will spread it all over the ground beef. If you prefer friends, you can add another layer of striped mozzarella cheese this will make the meat juicier and more delicious. Now I will take the meat to the oven at 180 degrees zero for 35 minutes. Our stuffed ground beef is ready, super delicious and very different. Have you ever eaten it like this this way? Make it at home. It's very easy to make ideal for lunch or dinner. It tastes amazing. It's worth doing. Look friends, how creamy and delicious the meat has been with the cream cheese in half. Thank you for watching the video to the end. I hope you this recipe. Bye.
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Jerk BBQ Meatballs | Ingredients 1/2 Ib Ground Beef 1/2 Ib Ground Pork ( Can sub out either for ground turkey) 1 bell pepper, diced 1/2 large yellow onion 1... | By OneStopChopFacebook