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origami mobile

so I have a thing for rainbows / Origami Mobile: Made with 228 pieces of paper, fishing line, crimp beads, a glass bead for weight and a lot of time.

Paper Flowers-- with improved link!

This is a super cool DIY project! It is a beautiful flower made simply from paper. If you are a DIY nerd like I am this is a project that you should definitely take on and enjoy!

How to make Origami Butterflies These are lovely butterflies.

Origami Butterflies diy craft crafts easy crafts crafts ideas diy ideas diy crafts paper crafts crafts for kids

Paper snowflakes tutorial

Beautiful paper art of origami fabric handmade DIY tutorial derivative paper snowflake tutorial

What the heck is a Quokka? The Quokka is a small macropod living on Rottnest Island. Much like it’s family (kangaroos and wallabies) the quokka is herbivorous and primarily nocturnal. Read more about Quokka's on Travel With Bender Family Travel Blog about Rottnest, Western Australia.

Rottnest Day Trip: Only Place In The World For That Elusive #QuokkaSelfie