Holzfahrrad mit Ecken und Kanten

Have you noticed how much I love wood? This bike only has a few wooden parts, but the are elegantly used making this a new classic.

Praktisch. Gibt's auch für Motorräder.

Patio with exterior stone floors, Outdoor bike shed, TreeSaurus Bike Storage, Looks inconvenient and damp from green top -- but may be good for trash cans

Canyon Urban Concept Bike

Canyon Urban Concept Bike

Transportation Design, Motorized Bicycle, Industrial Design, Urban Bike, Product Design, Bicycle Design, Fixie, Products, Canyon Bike

Brooks B15 Swallow Titanium / SR Laprade

Brooks Swallow Titanium / SR Laprade The bike is a Logan Miyata 1978 👍👌🔥na

Koga Miyata Roadflyer von 1983

Koga Miyata Roadflyer von 1983

Koga miyata pro racer www.steel-vintage.com

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