Inexpensive Mini Greenhouses

Inexpensive Mini Greenhouses - These worked PHENOMENALLY for seed starting this year. It was nice to be able to easily carry them all in when there was a frost warning. I kept the lids on during the day to keep heat/moisture in. Love this idea!

Removable greenhouse cover

Covered Greenhouse Garden Step-by-step covered greenhouse raised bed garden. this is perfect for starter crops, low growing crops, etc. Greenhouses are an excellent idea to protect your crops fro.

Garden labels

Stone Herb Markers use a white Sharpie pen. I'm about to plant my herb garden. What a good idea.

blackboard garden labels

These blackboard garden labels are made from sustainably harvested birch wood. The white chinagraph pencil won't wash off in the rain, but can be reused year after year.

garden labels by daisy

Wine cork plant markers - I do have lots of corks! what a great idea if only acess to amounts of wine corks lol