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Covered grommets

Cover the eyelets (grommets) on a corset or on a laced dress with embroidery thread in a contrasting colour. Look bettert, holds better. Or cover grommets for curtains.

305x1199xc855ee5bb013ed3f02def02.jpg 305×1,199 ピクセル

305x1199xc855ee5bb013ed3f02def02.jpg 305×1,199 ピクセル

tunic stitch detail. "Guarded" seams, when sturdiness is needed

tunic stitch detail- looks like they used a Van Dyke stitch along the seams, I think I prefer the look of a chain stitch.

Tutorial: Ausschnitt mit Dreieck nähen

Tutorial: Ausschnitt mit Dreieck nähen (Elle Puls)

Tutorial: Ausschnitt mit Dreieck nähen Try this when making the knit/woven top similar to the Stylearc pattern.

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