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the way books were meant to look and feel. wheel of time, by robert jordan.

This is my vision of the Wheel of Time Collectors Book, that after the conclusion of the series contain all the main books, three prequels and the guide. Wheel of Time Book

The sheriff of emo town. Never heard that one before.>>>>>> he said it kinda in a concert he said "My name is Gee Way and i'm the new sheriff in town" I guess emo town works too

Image result for palaye royale

Image result for palaye royale

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Now I just need a Killjoy name<--- yes ans no one is allowed to call me by my real name that whole year.<<< my Killjoy name is Crash Thunder and I will not respond to my real name.<<< I need a good killjoy name


They're all just being mildly cute with a hug or a nice kiss on the cheek. And then there's Frerard.

No no no no no no. The only person tht would be crying is me cuz no one cares about my emo ass or wht I like

Omg I want to be in a class where everyone gets it<<<I'd be the one to tell the joke and then go sob In a corner because I realise what kind of joke I had just made<<< I'd just sit there stunned and then start crying my eyes out

My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Meme

I just think it's funny that Gerard is always wearing that jacket and shirt << Ikr I noticed that too

In 2019 MCR will be 18, and Danger Days is set in..guess what year...2019. Coincidence? I think not.

So 2019 would be their year if they were still together. That's also the year Danger Days takes place in.<<< Also the band ended on March when is my birthday?