Artist Illustrates All Of Our Darkest And Most Embarrassing Fears Into Funny Comic Strips.

Artist Illustrates Darkest And Most Embarrassing Fears Into Funny Comic Strips.more like disturbing comic strips

Calvin and Hobbes - Nothing at all {this makes me think of my bestest friend}

A gallery full of art and comic strips containing the wisdom of Calvin And Hobbes. Everyone should take note and take pleasure in the little things!

From The Realist comics Limited edition of 30 signed and numbered. Quality print on 300g Ecological paper. Print size 12x18 inches

ianbrooks: “ Alternative Ending by Asaf Hanuka Print available at etsy. From Asaf’s realist comics. So THAT’S where they’ve been keeping the candy all this time? And I’ve been dressing up and knocking.

This hilarious comic strip series nails the reality of parenthood

12 Hilarious Comics That Nail The Reality Of Parenthood

intensity - Imgur


Funny pictures about Make Everything More Intense. Oh, and cool pics about Make Everything More Intense. Also, Make Everything More Intense photos.

Willian Santiago on Behance

Coyote Atelier illustration love: Willian Santiago, illustrator with a brilliant sense of color and texture. His images seem almost poignant, at moments, in his simplified world