Future/ Civilizations/Engineering/ blue/ Water/ Inspiring/ Provacative/ Innovative/ story book/ stuff -Concept Art Waterfall City by Joshua James Shaw

Andi Koroveshi - - - -... | scifi, illustration, space

Dune - is a speed paint entry for "Daily Spitpaint" group. It has a hidden hint of a story which I'm currently developing.

Flying fish City on Behance

Flying fish City on Behance - id love to see more elaborate Monument Valley inspired structures!

Dive into The Art Of Allen Wei, a Chinese artist, working as a concept artist & vfx producer.

, Peter Mohrbacher : I watched as the clouds poured forth from the mouth of the opening. The sky on the other side leaked through to flow down into the valley below, filling nothing of the infinite void that waited below it. Compared t

Tropical Blast on Behance

German design studio Foreal made these cool series of tropical fruits exploding with a mix of photography, CGI and hand drawing. They called it Tropical Blast.