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Einen Hebstkranz basteln- ganz einfach

Making a fall leaf wreath with kids, craft, children, elementary school, paper plate! An leafs

Wie süß ist das denn bitte?

Teach Them To Fly: Saying words that begin with W is a lot like making wind with your mouth. Students practice "w" sounds while being the wind, teacher photographs, students add leaves to complete "W is for Wind" project.

Könnt ihr euch vorstellen wie aus einem Pappteller, viel blauer Farbe und ein paar lustigen Glitzersteinchen (sowie Schere, Leim und Stiften...

Fish Aquarium Craft Kit by SmartBottomKids on Etsy But if you would like to make your own, you could just use 2 paper plates, paint, shells, sand and paper or material for the fish.