The Radiated Tortoise of Madagascar is Critically Endangered. This beautiful tortoise is endangered by habitat loss, poaching, and - not surprisingly - the pet trade.

Radiated Tortoise of Madagascar ❤ What an amazing work of art it carries around as a shell!

HAVE A NICE DAY — imalikshake: Green Turtle eating Jellyfish -...

Green Turtle eating Jellyfish – Dimakya Island, Philippines by Ai Gentel.Am I the only one that thought of Finding Nemo when I saw this?

Amazingly distinctive markings on this turtle.

Radiated tortoise -- Madagascar -- These tortoises are critically endangered due to habitat loss, being poached for food, and being over-exploited in the pet trade. In March smugglers were arrested, carrying a single bag containing 21 radiated tortoises. one of his family members help him

A picture is worth a thousand words. - what i love about this is that the kitten didn't see the man the way many people usually do, he only saw "friend" and loved him

Also Elvis zeigte mir diesen Griff!!! Da war ich jünger und ...der Kerl ging mir nie wieder aus den Kopf! (ci3cf3rcimw.jpg)

♪♫♩♬ Music is beautiful at any age ♪♫♩♬ {photo credit from Guitars in the Classroom}

La belleza de los reptiles... te impactaran algunas fotos...

La belleza de los reptiles... te impactaran algunas fotos...

mississippi river museum and aquarium Concentric Diamondback Terrapin!

Vermont's Tasha Tudor (LOVE her) legendary children's writer & illustrator who died at 90 years of age.  Lush!

I wish people would stop posting this picture. This woman is NOT Tasha Tudor!

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.-Victor Hugo

I want to learn to sing, plus be able to play the accordion. sure looks fun ;