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a black and white drawing of a teapot with thought bubbles above it that says if i were rich, if she were a doctor
Why Do We Use Were Instead of Was in the If Clause of Second Conditional Sentences?
Recently, I was asked by one of my students why were is used instead of was with the pronouns I, he, she and it in the if clause of type 2 conditional (second / unreal conditional) sentences, as she found that somewhat confusing.
a white dog laying on top of a bed covered in lots of food grains and corn
Happy Fifth Gotcha Day, Kimba
Es gibt Erlebnisse, die prägen einen ganz besonders. Als Kimba (eine Podencomix Hündin) vom Tierheim Ludwigsburg heute vor genau fünf Jahren bei uns einzog wusste ich, dass wir gegenseitig viel voneinander lernen würden.