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Customer Project: Storage Facility Construction in Faverolles, France
In order to expand its activity, the breakfast cereal manufacturer Dailycer France has requested the construction of an automated storage building located in Faverolles, in the north of France. This industrial and logistics facility consists mainly of a large reinforced concrete structure standing approximately 114 ft tall. This project was designed by the engineering office SPIC SAS, one of Dlubal Software's customers. Investor: DAILYCER FRANCE |
structural engineering software for remote control structures
Structural Engineering Software for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Many engineers use the structural analysis programs by Dlubal Software to perform the calculations and designs of 2D and 3D reinforced concrete structures such as buildings, slabs, plates, walls, columns, beams, continuous beams, frames, shells, and silos.
an apartment building with multiple balconies on each floor
Risley & Gould, Breezeway of Revelle College at San Diego University of California campus
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A Concrete Masterpiece In The Malaysian Capital - IGNANT
Designed by WHBC Architects, the ‘Chempenai House’ in Kuala Lumpur is a lesson in material constraint. Though extravagant in size, the spectacle of this concrete home is its consideration of the surrounding Malaysian environment, and its rejection of neighborhood standards.
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Engineering software for reinforced concrete structures
Structural analysis & design software RFEM and RSTAB provide the optimal way to calculate and design structures consisting of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete. Whether you design a pure beam structure (RSTAB) or a structure with plates, walls or shells (RFEM), you can choose from a wide range of programs by Dlubal Software. #concretestructures #structuralanalysis #structuralanalysissoftware #rfem #rstab