Masonry Design

Masonry Building on Reinforced Concrete Foundations
Looking for something new to do this weekend❓ Try this exciting structural analysis model❕ 🆕 Masonry Building on Reinforced Concrete Foundations New model is available for download! ✅ 👉 Our add-ons: Concrete Design and Masonry Design have been applied to this structural analysis example. Clipping plane mode, animation of global deformations and reinforcement details... you will see it all in this video❕ 📌 Don't hesitate and download it as soon as possible!
Masonry Design in RFEM 6 The RFEM add-on Masonry Design allows you to design masonry using the finite element method. It was developed as part of the research project DDMaS - Digitizing the design of masonry structures. The material model represents the nonlinear behavior of the brick-mortar combination in the form of macro-modeling. This makes it possible to display complex masonry structures and to perform the static and dynamic analysis.