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two different types of soap with the words dish soap unique slime on top and bottom
Dish Soap No Glue Slime DIY (Making No Glue Slime) No Glue Dish Soap Slime DIY
Make this easy no glue dish soap slime with only three ingrediants and no BORAX!
the best playdough recipe you will ever make
The Best Playdough Recipe -- Make it Today!
best playdough recipe
a child petting a cat on the back of a couch with text overlay
Free Printable: Vet Office Pretend Play Sheet
Printable Vet Office Pretend Play Sheet: Free Printable for Imagination Play
an overhead view of a toy road with cars, trucks and trees on the roadway
Printable Roads for Awesome Imaginative Play.
Free printable roads! Download, print and play!
a person holding a pumpkin in their hands with the text pumpkin pie play dough free printable recipe
Pumpkin Pie Play Dough with Printable Recipe - Blessed Beyond A Doubt
Awesome smellin' Pumpkin Pie Play Dough Recipe and Printable - Make Playdough quickly and easily with this printable recipe.
a child is playing with some paper flowers on the window sill, and another photo shows
Reusable Spring Flowers Bath/Window Art
Reusable Spring Flowers Bath/Window Art from Fun at Home with Kids
gold coin activities and crafts for kids to do at home with the text overlay reads 20 gold coin activities
20+ Gold Coin Activities for Kids
20 creative activities for kids using gold coins - great ideas for St. Patrick's Day, a pirate theme, or just because! Sensory play, math, literacy, and more!
there are some food on the table and in front of it is a doll house
The Best Roald Dahl Science Experiments for Kids
Roald Dahl activity ideas: there are some very imaginative activities described on this website.
there are two pictures with the words exploring measurement through play on them and in front of a scale
Exploring Measurement Through Play - Mass
Exploring Measurement through play - Mass. Ideas on setting up the environment, what resources to use and how vocabulary development helps build understanding.
a table topped with lots of different types of toys and books on top of it
An invitation to build/create a car from Joanne Babalis (",)
an image of colorful building blocks on the floor
The Art of Strewing for Kids
Interesting....strewing or setting out invitations to play for your children. Do you strew?
a tray that has some rocks on it and sand in the shape of a snowflake
Invitations to Explore with Rocks | Reggio Provocations - Racheous - Lovable Learning
the collage shows different activities for children to play with
Loose Parts Play: 32 Invitations
Loose parts come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. They stimulate the imagination and develop fine motor skills in kids of all ages. Set up invitations to play and see the true beauty of childhood innocence come forth while kids explore their prompts.
an assortment of wooden toys including children's crayons
you clever monkey
peg dolls with sharpies