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SUPERNATURAL, John must have taken parenting lessons from Odin.« Denethor must have added his two cents as well.

Now you knowJohn Winchester wouldn't help his kids with school bullies. Don't think he was that kind of parent. And in order for the Winchester's to have school bullies, they'd need to be at school and not in a hunt

Unless it’s really really not. | 23 Literal Gospels From The Mouth Of The Actual Angel Castiel

LOL all I can think of is in night at the museum teddy was "reading" the tablet and was listing the things he saw << SassyCas needs to be a thing >>

Challenged Accepted: Challenge Concurred #Repinning with the GIFSET URL!  Didn't know it was a gifset ;)

*This PERFECT for my "a gif for everything board"! [Challenged Accepted: Challenge Concurred with the GIFSET URL!

Which Supernatural Character are you? They're asking me to pick a TV show, and two of the options are Sherlock and Doctor Who... AH!

Are you passionate like Dean, independent like Sam, or righteous like Castiel? -I got Dean! I actually kinda expected to get Sam because I'm more like him than Dean or Cas.