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Kate Hursthouse | Works on Paper
My upcoming online course “Starting Small” is all about the benefits of creating small artworks, trusting the process and not focusing on the outcome. It will help you get started, explore new ideas and techniques, and develop a series of mini artworks that you can use as a starting point to create bigger artworks on canvas.
an abstract painting with watercolors on paper
Letting Go: An Exploration of Abstract Painting with Wendy Brightbill - Jeanne Oliver
Letting Go: Acrylic Abstract Stitching One - taught by Wendy Brightbill on
a painting of flowers in a pot on a chair
Erik Mattijssen
Paintings by Amsterdam-based artist Erik Mattijssen. More below. Erik Mattijssen’s Website
a painting of a woman sitting in a bathroom
British Art, British Artists, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints.
Simon DAVIS RP - Andrea and Myrtle
an art print with oranges and coffee cups on top of each other in shades of gray
a painting of food and drinks on a table
Valentine’s Breakfast — Not Sorry Art™ from Sari Shryack
Valentine’s Breakfast — Sari Not Sorry Art from Sari Shryack
a painting of a single pink flower in a clear vase on a wooden table against a blue background
Paintings - Philip Richardson
a painting of someone's feet in the bathroom sink
Swim / Erika Lee Sears
a painting of a sink in a bathroom
60+ Ideas Painting Walls Techniques Texture Colour
60+ Ideas Painting Walls Techniques Texture Colour #painting
a painting of a jar filled with coins
Hotel Pillows / Erika Lee Sears
two metal pots sitting on top of a wooden table next to a blue and white wall
Stacking Them Up by Amy Higgins
Still Life Painting - Stacking Them Up by Amy Higgins
an oil painting of a potted plant in a glass vase on top of magazines
still life quick heart
Boyd Gavin, Loquats, 21st century
a painting of a sink with water running from the faucet
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