Diy Stamped Clay Bowls. This is how I could make my own personalised crockery sets!


You can find my other diy's using air dry clay here. This time I used it to make some diy stamped clay bowls, they're the perfect thing to keep on your bedside

Christmas tree, to comply with the need for a piece of ribbon, beads and a needle and thread.

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. In this easy craft tutorial you will learn how to make Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments that can be made quickly so it is easy to make many to fill your christmas trees.

Alphabet stones - schöne Idee für die Tischdeko zur Einschulung

Art idea for class. Assign one letter to each kid and have them paint it on a rock and embellish with details. Display the alphabet rock collection in class

Good idea.

love this wrap with the ribbon through the card. No more potentially lost cards with present! Also can tie ribbon to gift bag with card through!

Great idea!

Pastel Flowers Mini Wall Clock

From: 25 DIY Projects using Embroidery Hoops. -- I promisd myself that I'd have a wall clock in every room by the end of the year. This one will be perfect for my office/sewing/crafts room!

Cutting Board Cookbook Holder + iPad // Android Stand ♥

Cutting Board Cookbook Holder + iPad // Android Stand ♥ - now to find an old cutting board :)

DIY Einhorn Eierwärmer zu Ostern - das perfekte DIY Geschenk - so einfach könnt ihr Eierwärmer häkeln

➤ Anleitung: Einhorn Eierwärmer häkeln

DIY Unicorn Egg Warmer for Easter - the perfect DIY gift - you can croch egg warmer so easily

Cutting board + Scrabble tile holder = perfect kitchen iPad stand. | The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time

How to make your own Kitchen Tablet Holder. Love this DIY idea! So much less expensive than the Pottery Barn one. Thrift shop cutting board, Scrabble tile holder and child's wooden building block!

Ausziehalbum mit Erinnerungen an die letzte Party oder das Wochenende auf dem Land: so viel schöner als ein bloßer Instagram-Link!

DIY Pull Out Photo Album. Another creative DIY photo gift idea for your friends. It must give him or her a big surprise!