Brussia, Brussia, Brussia!

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a man kicking a soccer ball on top of a field
Marco Reus
a large group of people are throwing confetti
BVB // Borussia Dortmund
a watercolor painting of a man with glasses
Juergen Klopp Borussia Dortmund
Juergen Klopp Borussia Dortmund
a soccer goalie standing in front of the net
many people are holding up their yellow scarfs with russian words and symbols on them
Echte Liebe BVB
the soccer team is posing for a photo
Mannschaftsfoto 82/83
the soccer team is posing for a photo
Mannschaftsfoto 82/83
an ad for the borussia bv sportmus soccer team, with players in yellow and black
Mannschaftsfoto 83/84
an old photo of a soccer stadium in germany
a painting of a man wearing a fireman's hat and holding binoculars
a soccer field with fans in the stands and a giant skull painted on the wall
Dortmund's Westefalenstadion.
a soccer stadium full of fans and players with yellow flags in the stands, during a game
BVB fans at Westfalenstadion.
Echte Liebe Liverpool, Juventus Fc, Zinedine Zidane, Wallpaper, Graphic Artwork
Echte Liebe
a stadium filled with lots of people watching a game
a soccer stadium full of fans with yellow signs on the wall and in the stands
Andreas Gursky - Dortmund