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a pile of stickers sitting on top of a white paper with words written in it
a yellow lanyard with two keys attached to it
an advertisement for the bwb - walzer festival in germany, with children sitting at a table
Jutebeutel - Herne West? Nein Danke Bags, Herne, Jute, West, Reusable Tote Bags
Jutebeutel - Herne West? Nein Danke
Jutebeutel - Geh´mir nich auffm Sack! Tattoos, Handarbeit, Taschen, Sack
Jutebeutel - Geh´mir nich auffm Sack!
Lätzchen - Ker watt lecker! Clothes, Humour, Kids, Kids Fashion, Kinder, We, Watt, Humor, Cute
Lätzchen - Ker watt lecker!
a yellow bumper sticker with the words geh mr wech mit deine rekame
Aufkleber - Keine Werbung
a red and white sticker with the words blagen inne karre
Aufkleber - Blagen inne Karre
a cross stitch pattern with the words leben is nich nurr pommes und disko
Retro Poster in Stick Optik
an open book with black and white text on the front cover, which is in german
Vokabelposter - Dortmunderisch
an advertisement for the german soccer team's world cup match with pictures of fans
"Unser ganzes Leben" Die Fans des BVB | Bücher | Dortmunderisch Shop.