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a person riding a bike down a street next to a yellow car and a tram
a man walking down the street in front of a train on it's tracks
Stangentaxi 1983 anne Reinoldi
a tall building with many windows on it's side
Gerber Architekten
RWE Tower | Gerber | Dortmund | Germany
an old brick building with a clock on the side and a ladder up to it
Instagram post by Peter Kautz • Jun 7, 2012 at 9:11pm UTC
Zeche / Colliery Zollern, Dortmund, Germany
the reflection of an old building in its glass facade is seen from another one's perspective
Deutschland Germany
Dortmund, Germany
people are walking across a bridge in front of the television tower and sky with clouds
Dortmund, Germany
two people are sitting on a bench at the train station and one person is holding a book
Train Platform Library in Dortmund, Germany - Gift Ideas - Creative Spotting
Train platform library in Dortmund, Germany
a yellow and black sticker with a bow tie on it's back side
a tall tower with a sky background and some trees in the foreground on a sunny day
Dortmunder Fernsehturm #Ruhrgebiet
black and white photograph of an empty auditorium
Karl Hugo Schmölz
Karl Hugo Schmölz, Capitol Theater, Dortmund, 1950, Vintage Silver Gelatine Print
the sun is setting over an industrial area with cars parked on the lot and buildings in the distance
Phönixsee Dortmund
the sun is setting over a large body of water in front of a cityscape
Phoenix Dortmund