Tuvi patterned paint roller from The Painted House

This patterned paint roller will add an extra dimension to your painted walls, by giving them a unique wallpaper-like finish. You can also use this roller to decorate fabric or make pretty wrapping paper. Several patterned designs are available on Etsy.

Photo: Bonnie Christine

Shelf over the window and hanging plant Santa Ynez - eclectic - home office - santa barbara - Going Home To Roost

Taller <3

Fay Wood (studio), featured in the Feb/Mar/Apr issue of Where Women Create

Cy Twombly’s desk (Photo by David Seidner from Artists at Work)

Cy Twombly’s desk (Photo by David Seidner from Artists at Work). Photo links to a page with images of numerous Twombly works.

Tessa Pearson studio

You can see the work of Tessa Pearson on Artfinder. She creates exquisite mono-prints (check out "Around the Garden in a round format).

Photo by Adrian Ray

How awesome is that long shot of a studio desk? Thin slices of Mac computers, handwritten notes, strange snacks and Pantone guides – it& design studio heaven. Oneighty Creative, a design studio in the UK, directed a series of shots in the ho .


At first glance, this sunny studio space seems so realistic that you can almost touch every object in it. Then you realize it’s just another impeccable digital visualization by Diego Querol.