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two bags of coffee sitting next to each other
Eighthirty Coffee Roasters
Eighthirty Coffee Roasters | Lovely Package
three different types of coffee bags on a white background, each with an orange stripe
Humble Beginnings
Humble Beginnings australia vintage roasting packaging branding logo coffee bag modern swiss
two bags of humble harry roasting company coffee on a black background, one with the word humble harry roasting co
Break Maiden on Instagram: “Identity and packaging design for Humble Harry Roasting Co. based out of Melbourne, AUS ☕️🇦🇺#breakmaiden”
the number two label for build 2, which is printed on white paper with yellow lettering
Root Blends pt.1
Great work from a designer in the Dribbble community; your best resource to discover and connect with designers worldwide.
a bag of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table
Great Circle Coffee
Great Circle came to market with the goal of leading the craft coffee industry.
two brown bags with labels on them sitting next to each other in front of a gray background
dose of design
Barbarus presents individuals with the means to express a unique aesthetic point of view through the creation of wearable objects. Barbarus…
a black bag that is sitting on top of a white surface with the words, i'm real dirt bag
the better packaging co_sustainability portal
two bags that say they're 100 % compostable mailer
Straight Sports Mailers #mailypeshawa #HotelMailers
two black and yellow bags sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Abiding Portfolio Mailers #mailjeevas #MailersBox
a bag of compostable mailer is shown with the message hey, i'm a 100 % compostable mailer
Kompostierbare Verpackung für umweltfreundliche Marken - Christmas Deesserts
Kompostierbare Verpackung für umweltfreundliche Marken#colorful #photooftheday #cute #picoftheday #beautiful #pretty #friends #cool #portrait #skirt #dress #styleseat #fashiondaily #fashionbags #fashionpria
a white bag with the letter m in black and white on it's side
MTS Point Branding
MTS Point Branding on Behance
the words are written in red and white
JOHO´s Branding & Packaging | moodley
JOHO’s – moodley brand identity