drops of devotion

Title : DEPTH Article 01026 "It's not the length of life. But the depth of life." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, this minimalist illustration depicts one of his famous quote

Love what you do: Graphic design student show...Photo my business card cutout or create a larger one.

Minimal graphic design: 20 great posters

Portland State University's Friends of Graphic Design – Student Show poster, 2009 - The added cut outs to the font makes what could be a boring flyer, an unmissable one.


“The hour is darkest just before the dawn” by Becky Riley. (via Handmadefont)

Typeverything.com  Question Mark by Kumi Yamashita.  (via jumabc)

black-tangled-heart: Kumi Yamashita Question Mark, light, of Namba Parks Tower, Osaka, Japan


Shadows, Typography and Installation by Fred Eerdekens

We love Belgium-based artist Fred Eerdekens' shadow typography created using everything from artificial cloud formations, food boxes, leaves, wire.