This ultra-modern en suite holds a grey tile covered bathroom in which a glass shower enclosure, large window side soaking tub, and pass-through fireplace line neatly against the exterior wall. A BATH LIKE THIS WOULD WORK PERFECTLY FOR OUR BEDROOM!


Glass walkway - Mansion in Hamilton Island (Australia), the Italian architect Renato D'Ettorre ❥"Hobby&Decor" inspirações!

Vorlagen für Architektur. Perspektiven, Stiel, Material, Stimmung...

this is awesome -Exterior aspect of Cove 3 House in Knysna, South Africa by SAOTA and Antoni Associates

Dachwohnungen überzeugen mit Persönlichkeit und Charakter, s…

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Badezimmer im Dachgeschoss : Salle de bain rustique par von Mann Architektur…

Kinderzimmer im skandinavischen Stil einrichten

Having a small layout with the quite high ceiling? You can divide your small room vertically. A multifunctional room can be gained by implementing mezzanine concept.

Wählen Sie das richtige Dachfenster und optimieren Sie Ihre Dachbelichtung! Schwingfenster oder Elektrofenster - wählen Sie vor dem Fensterbau!

aménager des combles-- for the loft space. Naturally, there will be a loft space.

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Have an extra-tall ceiling? Stretch a ceiling hammock across it. always loved the idea of a ceiling hammock in an office space