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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys Letterpress Polish Proverb Print

Polish way of saying not my problem. ~ R Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys Letterpress Polish Proverb Print. I myself have polish blood so I just might start saying this.


°Another mind isn't walking your journey, You are. Please remember this is my own personal journey & I am happy for you to walk with me for a while but you also need to find your own way.

note to self.

13 Inspirational Quotes For When Everything Is Just The Worst

no thanks I'm not gonna let idiots ruin my day. Be yourself no matter what other people think. Trust me you'll make much more friends and have much more fun. If they think you're weird they're not worth it.

Wenn das so einfach wäre.....

Healing ~ Saying yes to happiness (and healing) means saying no to people and things that stress you out. Bring positive energy into your life.


Don't force it // let that shit go // relationships // friendships // yoga poses // perfect pony tails

Doesn't matter how hard you try to break the door down; if it's not meant for you it's not going to work. Let it be. I know a certain someone that learned this the hard way. Ordained by God!

That's Right!

People: "They don't have to like you and you don't have to care." # Appreciate those who care & make an effort to get to know you. In the end it's their choice, not everyone is going to like you & that's ok.

Karten zum Muttertag von Woman.at

Muttertagskarten zum Ausdrucken!

I love this beautiful letter about aging, love and the cycles of life. I have found it in many places online, but had a hard time tracking down the origins. Here it is is an easy Pinterest format. ;) Enjoy... and mom... Thank you for everything you did for me... I am humbled and forever grateful.

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

I didn't get to watch my mom grow old, but this is a beautiful sentiment of love from mother to daughter. Can't wait to see you in the new system mom!