Dynamo Typocolate Project: seriously heavyweight slabs of chocolate, engraved with positive mantras

Garden designer Judy Kameon created this “T” for New York Times’ T Magazine using 130 plants.

Judy Kameon for New York Times

"Garden designer Judy Kameon was commissioned by the New York Times Style Magazine to recreate their iconic “T” for the fall travel issue, so she used 130 plants to grace the cover of the magazine in a subtle palette of greenery.

Weave type

Love this amazing weave typography made by French graphic design studio Zim and Zou. It took six hours to create each letter of Weave Type 2 and 500 metres of thread to build the entire alphabet.

Shadow Typography, awesome.

Shadow play sculptures from artist Fred Eerdekens. Playing with light, the typography exists as a shadow- intangiable?