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Wall hanging with geometric decoration Interesting project by Liz Fourez that we found in iheartnaptime. If you like the design of this two-tone hanger, look forward to making

Loch im Eimerboden, Boden von innen mit Zeitungspapier auslegen, Schlitz ins Papier machen und von unten Tomatenpflanze hineingeben. Aufhängen und mit Erde auffüllen.

You’d like to grow tomatoes but you’re short on space ? Then this unusual growing method is for you ! It’s proven to be very effective and if done properly can greatly increase the amount of tomato…

Steine bemalen für den Garten - Steine sammeln für die Kinder - bemalen dann alleine ;-) *** DIY River Rock Garden Markers

Garden markers add personality to a garden and help you remember which row is tomatoes and which is peppers. Gather (or purchase) river rocks, some paint markers (pick up Sharpie brand at The Home Depot) and create these cute river rock plant markers.