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a close up of a clock with the words la viere bleu on it
Home - Eden Design
the wall is decorated with an intricate design
Home - Eden Design
the light is shining down on some metallic material that looks like it has been made out of
Home - Eden Design
the logo for reeden - designs, inc
Home - Eden Design
an apple logo is shown on a metal surface with holes and circles in the middle
Brass, etched and partly chemically darkened with clear laquer coating Messing geätzt und teilweise brüniert mit klarlack Beschichtung
four different shades of light shining through metal sheets
Designoberflächen und dekorative Anwendungen aus Metall
an abstract metal sculpture on display in a building's lobby or office space, with circular cutouts and wavy lines
Surface treatement & finishing of stainless steel
Surface treatment & finishing of Nickel Silver
the bed is made up and has an intricate pattern on it