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Armband mit Seemannsknoten - Handmade Kultur

Armband mit Seemannsknoten

Scout Neckerchief Knots and Folds

Scout Neckerchief Knots and Folds

The cattle rustler’s and good-turn knots are decorative ways to tie off the ends of a Scout neckerchief. For a dressier look try tucking th.

Mélimélo: Dirndl Tutorial

COSTUME: the German Dirndl, the real deal. you need to translate this, or learn the language- it's not in English:) Mélimélo: Dirndl Teil 1

Colorful Fish Bracelet Tutorial | Macrame School - YouTube

Sea Pearl Striped Beach Bracelet Tutorial by Macrame School (Stylized Eye bracelet). Knotted accessory for the beach and summer season in Boho style.