Portraits - Laura Caldentey illustration...es war mal eine Frida, heute heisse ich anders und geniesse meinen heissen Tee!

Cute drawing of a woman with hair in a bun, cozy big scarf, sweater, and a cuppa! Portraits - Laura Caldentey illustration OK - a cup of tea while I knit.

auch wenn das Aufwachen ein Horror ist

You're my favorite. You're my favorite marine. You're my favorite late night phone call. You're my favorite laugh. You're my favorite smile. You're my favorite dream. You're my favorite everything.

Dieser Mensch befindet sich momentan im Umbau. Danke für Dein Verständnis!

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Heather Stillufsen fell in love with drawing as a child and has been holding a pencil ever since. Now an internationally-licensed illustrator and author, Heather's signature style has made her.

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