Champions League 2022/23

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several different shots of soccer players on the field at night and in the middle of an arena
Dankbar für diese Reise!
#ChampionsLeague #EintrachtFrankfurt
two men in suits are walking down the street and one is holding a coffee cup
Adler auf internationaler Mission!
#NapoliSGE #ChampionsLeague
many fans are holding flags and banners in the stands
Fans #SGENapoli
#UCL #ChampionsLeague #Achtelfinale #SGENapoli #SGEuropa
a group of people standing on top of a soccer field in front of a crowd
Gemeinsam 🦅
#SGENapoli #UCL #SGEuropa
a soccer field with players on it and the sun setting in the sky behind them
Trainingslager 2023
Wintervorbereitung im Jahr 2023! #SGE #EintrachtFrankfurt
a man wearing sunglasses and holding a blue object in his hand while standing next to a doorway
Sebastian Rode nach dem Einzug ins Champions-League-Achtelfinale!
„Player of the match“ von #SCPSGE #UCL
several men are sitting around in the pool
Regeneration in Lissabon
Jesper Lindström, Sebastian Rode, Djibril Sow, Daichi Kamada und Maril Götze nach #SCPSGE!
the soccer team is celebrating their goal in front of an empty stadium full of fans
Einzug ins Champions-League-Achtelfinale!
Kolo Muani erzielte das 2:1-Siegtor! Das Achtelfinal-Ticket ist gezogen 😍 #SGEuropa #SCPSGE #UCL
a man holding up a trophy in front of a brick wall with the words rapid on it
Mario Götze "Player of the match"
Beim 2:1-Erfolg gegen Olympique Marseille wird Mario Götze zum "Player of the match" ausgezeichnet! #SGEOM #UCL #SGEuropa
the outside of a building lit up with red lights and german emblems on it
Frankfurter Sternstunden
Heimspieltag in der UEFA Champions League gegen Olympique Marseille! #SGEuropa #UCL #SGEOM
a close up of a person wearing a suit and earring with a building in the background
Traveling in style! #SGE #ChampionsLeague
a large crowd of people sitting in the stands at a sporting event holding up banners
"Nur die SGE" Fans in London
Am 12. Oktober 2022 ging es auswärts gegen die Tottenham Hotspur. Trotz 2:3-Niederlage machten noch zahlreiche Fans selbst nach Abpfiff gute Stimmung 🦅 #SGEuropa #TOTSGE #UCL
a black and white flag with an emblem on it in front of a ferris wheel
London calling again!
Nachdem Eintracht Frankfurt seit 2019 dreimal in London spielte (Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham), geht es auch in der Champions League in die englische Hauptstadt. Die Tottenham Hotspur warten.
a man standing in front of a blue background wearing a black jacket with the ultimate stage logo on it
Eintracht International - Eintracht Frankfurt Stores
Die neue Champions-League-Kollektion ⭐️ #SGEuropa
a large group of fans in the stands at an indoor soccer game with flags and banners
Ein glorreicher Champions-League-Abend liegt hinter uns ⭐