Erika Jackisch-Klasterer

Erika Jackisch-Klasterer

Erika Jackisch-Klasterer
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Robe de cour Pattern From History of Costume: From the Ancient Egyptians to the Twentieth Century by Blanche Payne

Construction: I will base my robe de cour on the ones extant in Stockholm, but though they are similar in construction, they are not identic.

1767 Friederike Charlotte von Brandenburg-Schwedt (1745-1808), last Duchess-Abbess of Herford by Güte (Städtisches Museum - Herford, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany) | Grand Ladies | gogm

This is an early appearance of an order sash and order star, both appearing to be religious, outside of Russia. Friederike Charlotte's court dress is otherwise spectacular, but conventional.

Detail rear view of Robe a la polonaise ca. 1775 From LACMA via Fripperies and Fobs. See entire outfit at 18th Century Fashion Fem:

Woman's Robe à la Polonaise (Close-bodied Gown) France, circa 1775 Costumes; principal attire (entire body) Silk plain weave with supplementary warp- and weft-float patterning Center back length: 54 in.

Hat, 1760s, English or Italian. Victoria & Albert Museum

Round, flat straw hat embroidered with straw-work flowers. Round, flat straw hat with shallow crown. Embroidered with straw-work flowers on crown and around brim, a wreath of straw flowers around crown. Straw, plaited and dyed.