Show God's love

Jesus has chosen His children to be "Lights in the world.His blood Cleansed us and Saved us. And by Faith in Jesus, we will not perish but have eternal life"( Romans Matthew 1 Timothy Hebrews Therefore let our light shine before men, and Glorify God.

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Das ist doch mal eine Ansicht die es lohnt zu teilen...:-)))


Manchmal bekommt man nicht das, was man will, weil man etwas Bessere Mehr

so sieht es aus

"There are days you think it's easier to find a unicorn than common sense.

Das bin ich .... :)

Ich mag zwar keinen Kaffee, aber ich wäre so gemein und würde sowas sagen xD

Give me the strength!

Lord I bring to you my burdens and you know my situation. You know I cant make it without you. Comfort my heart, give me strength & help me carry on. My daily prayer.

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