- she wears black but she has the most colourful mind -

Marilyn Monroe

A girl knows her limits, a wise one knows she has none. Marilyn Monroe* *I'm not sure if its a quote from Marilyn, there is so many fake marilyn quotes to keep track but either way. I love the picture and the quote is very true.

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Not my favorite placement, but I love the concept. I’d have all of my favorite places tattooed on my body right now if I could.

35 Tattoo Ideas That Are Simple, But Stunning

Cute white top and skirt mountain outline tattoo

I can't explain but I'll find a song that can. Isn't it amazing how just the right song, comes out at just the right time, and speaks to your soul?

the rebel in me will never die. let the rebel in me touch the rebel in you, rebels we will be and set us free, all humanity.

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and Once you have the answer , life changes de question

Genau so ist es!

Ein bisschen verwirrend aber so ist es.


I am a Super Hero. I drink large quantities of coffee in a single gulp. talk faster than the fastest auctioneer. more wired than a tesla coil. It's COFFEE GIRL! Jittering into a @ CoffeeHouse near you.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley: music hits you, you feel no pain (true fact)

Noch mehr witzige Sprüche und Zitate gibt's auf gofeminin.de!

Noch mehr witzige Sprüche und Zitate gibt's auf gofeminin.de!

Happiness is a choice.

Remember not to blame feelings on others. Happiness is a choice so choose to be happy! Surround yourself with people who choose to be happy not because someone is making them happy or because things are going their way; that is not true happiness.

Raise your hand if you looked like this this morning! Grab a cup of coffee & conquer the day 😘☕️


100 Famous Life Quotes & Sayings to Help You Live Life Happy - 2018

My diagnosis with chiari malformation is gonna make me stronger, more courageous and determined than ever before

I will love without hesitation or consequences.

Ive never been scared of the dark. I dwell there, I think there, but I also dream there. I have felt the darkest parts of you. I have witnessed their sting.