Which is your favorite simple suit? Too often people underestimate the importance of men's fashion. We know as well as you that a handsome fella is all the more handsome with a classy, simple suit.

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I love this Esprit sweater hoodie, its too bad its from a past season. The closest one they have to this now is linked to the image – but its not as cool.

Den Look kaufen: https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/strickjacke-t-shirt-mit-rundhalsausschnitt-chinohose-niedrige-sneakers-guertel/8640 — Weißes T-Shirt mit Rundhalsausschnitt — Graue Strickjacke — Grauer Ledergürtel — Beige Chinohose — Weiße Niedrige Sneakers

men/looks/crew-neck-t-shirt-cardigan-belt-chinos-low-top-sneakers/ White Crew-neck T-shirt — Grey Cardigan — Grey Leather Belt — Khaki Chinos — White Low Top Sneakers

Den Look kaufen: https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/sakko-businesshemd-chinohose-krawatte-einstecktuch-guertel-uhr/9755 — Hellblaues Businesshemd — Dunkeltürkise Krawatte — Weißes und dunkelblaues gepunktetes Einstecktuch — Hellbeige Sakko — Blaue Lederuhr — Dunkelbrauner Ledergürtel — Weiße Chinohose

Tan blazer over a light blue shirt. A navy tie with a gold tie bar. white pocket square w/blue dots. watch and a brown leather belt

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