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This Alzheimer's busy blanket - stimulates mind and helps with agitation and fidgety hands. Making it a perfect gift for a love one , or make and donate.

Nesseldecke fuer Alzheimer Patienten / Demenzkranke nähen

I recently made my lovely nana a Alzheimer’sDementia Fidget Lap Blanket. Unfortunately she has Alzheimer's :( its at the last stages now. Such an awful diseas

Noodle Hockey Pool Noodles (cut into 24-30 inch sections)one for each player 1ball 2 hula-hoops 2cones. The hula hoops, put one cone in the center of each hoop(like goals)Instructions: . the objective of the game is to play hockey with the ball and noodles. To score, a team must hit the ball with the noodle into the opposing team's hoop and hit the cone. goalie must stand on the outside of the hoop.  Each time a rule is not followed, it will result in the team losing possesion of the ball.

Noodle Hockey in Chagrin Falls - Photo of the Day

View full sizeJim Olexa/Sun NewsMembers of the Lake Erie Monsters have their hands full against residents of Hamlet Village in Chagrin Falls in a game of noodle hockey.

Menschen mit Demenz "nesteln" und zupfen, weil sie sich nach Beschäftigung sehnen: Eine schöne Idee von Picture of Activity Apron

This Alzheimer's Activity apron is a useful for people with active hands who sit, a useful care home activity for elderly people with dementia in care homes

Das Krokodil am Nil - Die besten Spiel- und Bewegungslieder || Kinderlieder

Das Krokodil am Nil - Die besten Spiel- und Bewegungslieder

Ball - Gesprächsball

Ball - Gesprächsball

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