Flat Abs in 5 Minutes

Flat Abs in 5 Minutes

Tone up in 5 minutes with this quick and efficient ab workout! - Flat Abs in fat loss diet website

One of the coolest girls we met while in Australia (srsly).

2016 Short Hair Cuts for Women. Get your short hair fix with edgy and creative ways you can cut your mane. From pixie, to boy-cuts, 2016 offers plenty of ways you can take your …


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This is outside what I'm usually attracted to, but the cut of the jeans and blousey top appeal to me. Not sure if it would be a great look for my shape though.

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Style for over 35 ~ Packing Light for 10 Days in Copenhagen, Denmark. These are the 10 Day and 10 Night Looks. A full packing list is available on the Blog.

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10 Day To Night Looks Copenhagen Packing List Day - shirt and pants, Day 6 skirt and shirt and Day Day 9 Scarf, shirt, and pants

The essential work capsule wardrobe- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!

Cute cut! Trending the bob for fall 2013!

2016 short hairstyle seems quite edgy and stylish. The short bob hair style suit ladies with nice or thin hair because it looks thicker. The stacked bob is.

Abs workout for an amazing core

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The abdominal muscles are one of the first things that the judges notice on a contestant during swimwear. According to Fitness Magazine, strengthening your abs will also improve your balance, which will help you to walk and pose with confidence on stage.