How To Build Your Own Pergola DIY

12 Pergola Building Tips!

I love the canopy Curtain idea! I would either find a float outdoor fabric or make them easily detachable

Also known as a bean teepee and similar to a willow playhouse, this DIY project is very easy to make. From Lifeoutdoor

How To Build A Living Playhouse That Helps Kids To Understand Nature theownerbuilderne. Here’s a fun and educational way to divert kids from the indoors to the great outdoors… help them to build a living playhouse!

perfect cottage garden color combos

Foxglove, roses, iris, freesias, possibly peonies (what are those smaller tall pinks?

30 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Bouquets

39 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Bouquets

Colorful, vibrant and fun-filled, this summer soiree captured by Sarah Tonkin Photography is happiness wrapped up in a pretty little post. With gorgeous florals from Flower Poetry and a Bride an.

pretty bathroom

Designer Mark Williams - Larger 9 x 18 Carrara marble tiles surround the window while smaller marble subway tiles line the arch. To complete the traditional look, Mark chose Cararra marble and black granite basketweave tiles for the bathroom's floor.

Ronny is telling you:'Pflanzen breiten sich rasch im Garten aus und schnell verwandelt sich alles in ein wildes Durcheinander. Um dies zu verhindert empfiehlt es sich, den Garten zu strukturieren und in einzelne Abschnitte zu gliedern.'

Creating garden borders isn't hard, but it's much easier if you put a little thought into it.