Elizaveta Kovaleva

Elizaveta Kovaleva

Elizaveta Kovaleva
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IDSC for Life: I Am Loved - Period!

I got the most amazing gift ever, the day my son was born. He's my LIFE, we've been through so much together in such a short lived life thus far, but his strength is what makes me stronger.

The Divine Chromosome

The extra chromosome is extra special. I was told by a captain who takes people on dolphin outings in Florida that every time a Down Syndrome child is on board dolphins are guaranteed to show up. Never fails.

Her smile really is contagious and I really do believe she is going to light up the world...She already has in so many ways...#wisewords, #quotes, #downsyndrome, #downsyndromeawareness

Happy Soul Project is about living with a grateful and happy soul, parenting, Down syndrome, special needs and love letters to my children.