DEMOCRACY Vodka (Concept) Agency: STUDIOIN Designers: Arthur Schreiber, Galya Akhmetzyanova 3D: Maxim Kulikov Country: Russia

DEMOCRACY Vodka (Concept)

Lm I think that this is so funny the idea and the font work perfect together DEMOCRACY Vodka (Concept) Agency: STUDIOIN Designers: Arthur Schreiber, Galya Akhmetzyanova Maxim Kuliko

Olive Oil Packaging | #packaging #oliveoil


Aceto balsamico packaging: PRIMVS FOOD brand aims to attract those who appreciate premium quality food and design

bottle and label design for Westkorn by Yvonne Niewerth.

New Vintage Type - Beautiful bottle and label design for Westkorn by Yvonne Niewerth.

© Torkel Dohmers.

The angles and facets in this perfume bottle make for an interesting pattern as the layer over each other from front to back, through the liquid. The sharpness of the bottle is both dangerous and sexy.

Allein durch das Papier hat man schon so einen lederigen holzigen Geruch in der Nase... Schön. → Mehr #Design #Packaging #Verpackung #Produktdesign #Flaschen #Ideen & #Inspiration auf ▶▶

This cachaça is a tribute to Indigenous and African-Brazilian culture. The copper color of Brazilian Indian skin and the scratched points of Umbanda make this work.

Nice design! SX Liquors unusual bottles.

Unique design, if it were used to package juice it would standout among any other juice bottle design. Although, it may be a pain to drink out of since there seems to be no functional area to hold the bottle.

Gillemore Magical Gin is a small batch gin distilled in copper pots in Belgium. Love the pharma-type bottle with cork top and "abracadabra" seal.

The name "Magical Gin" fits the design of this amazing bottle design. It achieves its intended purpose of looking like a potion bottle from a fantasy world or fantasy game adding to overall effect, thus creating an absolute beauty of a bottle.

Alba and Nova Italian Malt Whiskeys from PUNI come in beautiful bottles designed by Christian Zannotti.

A simple yet successful piece. Adding onto a usual wine bottle idea this adds different shapes and textures as well as a unique color contrast. All creating a sharp formal looking bottle.

Voir la photo agrandie du produit. Cette photo s'ouvre dans une visionneuse et peut comporter des obstacles à l'accessibilité.

This bottle of probably alcohol is shaped to allow for you to hold it within the groves of the bottle. Its a novel idea but how are people with weird hands supposed to hold it, sorry Mr president but even your alcohol bottle is rejecting you.

Guo Cui Wu Du Liquor packaging design by Lingyun Creative -

Guo Cui Wu Du Liquor

Guo Cui Wu Du Liquor Packaging by Lingyun Creative Fivestar Branding Agency – Design and Branding Agency & Curated Inspiration Gallery


Rolf Sachs Collection

Lighting 'Neon immersion' by Rolf Sachs, borosilicate glass coil & bottle, neon, cork stand, Aqua.