Dinner Recipes

From quick, simple, and easy weeknight meals to elegant dinners, here are the best dinner recipes for a delicious main course.
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a piece of steak on a tortilla with shrimp and black beans
Creole Shrimp & Steak Fajitas
An easy and healthy fajita recipe including shrimp, steak, and a creole sauce. It makes the perfect weeknight meal! #healthydinner #fajitas #fajitarecipe #weeknightmeal #dinner #familydinner
a mason jar filled with food sitting on top of a colorful blanket next to the words, easy fast dinners for after hikes
Get Started Planning Your Next Adventure - Ordinary Adventures
Easy fast dinners for after hikes or other outdoor adventures, including make ahead, slow cooker and pick up on the way home options
baked chicken parmesan meatballs in a pan with text overlay
Baked Chicken Parmesan Meatballs
Savor a delightful twist on traditional chicken parmesan with these Baked Chicken Parmesan Meatballs. Serve them over a plate of spaghetti for a hearty meal!
the recipe for roasted veggie baked zitti is in a casserole dish
Baked Roasted Vegetable Ziti
Vegetarian approved baked roasted vegetable ziti is a easy casserole you can make any day of the week. Tender pasta, and melody of vegetables and cheesy goodness in each forkful.
grilled romaine heart salad with asparagus and parmesan cheese on top
Summer Grilled Romaine Heart Salad
Our Summer Grilled Romaine Heart Salad topped with an amazing honey-balsamic vinaigrette is such a delightful lunch. Topped with Figs, Pear and Manchego this fantastic flavor combination delivers a lunch you'll be craving all morning long. Such a lovely way to feature figs and bring some excitement to your salad game.
a plate with french fries, cheese and sauce on it next to a bowl of pasta
Francesinha Recipe- Prepare A Delicious Porto-Style Sandwich at Home in 30 Mins
taco tuesday easy mexican pizza recipe on a plate with text overlay that reads taco tuesday easy mexican pizza
Easy Mexican Pizza Recipe
Easy Mexican Pizza Recipe that kids and adults will both enjoy. This is a fun twist to your Taco Tuesday menu. Create crispy single serving pizzas that are full of Tex-Mex flavors in each hearty bite.
an image of a plate of food with the words easy cinco de mayo on it
Easy Cinco de Mayo Crockpot Chicken Fajitas
These crockpot chicken fajitas are perfect for an easy Cinco de Mayo main dish. Made with only 5 ingredients, this is a quick and tasty meal to bring to any Cinco de Mayo celebration. Instructions to make this healthy (low-carb, paleo, Whole30) fajita recipe in the Instant Pot are also included.
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an easy taco casserole recipe with tomatoes, cheese and cilantro
Easy Taco Casserole | Dinner Recipes
This taco casserole recipe is a super easy, flavorful Mexican-inspired dish with tender ground beef and all the best taco flavors, corn tortillas, and lots of cheese. It’s an ultimate, easy casserole for busy families, ready in about 30 minutes. Follow for more easy dinner ideas!
a white bowl filled with tortelli soup and topped with spinach, tomatoes, cheese
Quick & Easy Tuscan Tortellini
Quick & Easy Tuscan Tortellini is a comfort food meal you can have on the table in less than 20 minutes. Sauté onion and garlic, then brown Italian sausage. Simmer with tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, broth, and creamer. Add frozen tortellini until tender, then toss in spinach until wilted. Season with black pepper and serve with Parmesan cheese. A simple, hearty meal perfect for any occasion.
a white plate topped with chicken and pineapples next to rice on a wooden table
Huli-Huli Chicken—A Traditional Hawaiian Chicken Dish
Huli-Huli Chicken is a traditional Hawaiian chicken dish that can cooked outdoors on a barbecue grill or inside on a grill pan. The tropical marinade made with fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and pineapple creates a sweet-savory flavor that makes a great marinade and a delicious glaze for the chicken. The unique marinade and cooking technique is what gives huli-huli chicken its exceptional flavor. Save this for spring or summer!
a bowl filled with meat, eggs and radishes on top of a table
Slow Cooker Asian Pork: A Melt-In-'Yo-Mouth Flavor Bomb | The Emerald Palate
This Asian pork recipe uses the slowcooker to create big flavor. Served with rice, pickled radishes, scallions, and soft boiled eggs. #porkrecipe #slowcookerrecipe #slowcookedpork #asianbowl
a white bowl filled with fish soup and garnished with fresh herbs on top
Easy Italian Fish Soup
Looking for a soup or appetizer that will make the perfect traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes Christmas eve dish? Then you've come to the right place! This Italian fish stew is like cioppino seafood stew but comes together a lot faster! #italianfishrecipes #italianfishsoup #italianfishsoup #italianfishrecipeschristmaseve #fastitalianfishstew #cioppinofishstewrecipe #feastofthhesevenfishes #feastofthe7fisheschristmas
an image of some food that is in a bowl and the words learn about oil velveting
Learn about Oil Velveting
Learn about Oil Velveting. Oil velveting is very popular in China. In fact, most Chinese restaurants use this technique before they add chicken breast to a stir fry. It’s very easy, and involves searing the outside of the marinated chicken in a wok or frying pan for about 30 seconds, or until the outside is no longer raw and becomes slightly golden. Not only is it easier with less cleanup, searing brings out the chicken flavor and creates a light crust on the outside of each piece. This crust eventually melts with the sauce when your chicken is added back into the wok, creating a thicker sauce and a silky feel to the chicken pieces. This is my preferred way to velvet chicken.
mexican shredded chicken recipe in white bowls on a pink towel with text overlay that reads quick and healthy shredded chicken
Quick and Healthy Mexican Shredded Chicken
The easiest food prep around! Mexican Shredded Chicken requires just a few ingredients and minimal effort, and you'll be able to make quick, healthy meals with it throughout the week.