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West coast travel ideas for visiting California, Washington, Oregon, and surrounding states in western North America. If you're not sure here to go, look here…
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the san francisco to san diego road trip with text overlay that reads, summer road trip
Summer Road Trip San Francisco to San Diego
Here’s my list of spots worth checking out along your San Fran to San Diego road trip. It includes beaches, hiking, wine tasting, shopping, tourist attractions, and more to help you make the most of your drive along the California coast!
The Perfect Kauai Itinerary
I thought I’d share this itinerary for Kauai with you. You’ll find four days of ideas, which I think is about enough time for exploring this small island. But if you’re staying longer, I’ll give you other ideas for customizing your itinerary. You’ll also find information on where to stay, the best time to visit, and more. Get the full itinerary here: https://www.emeraldpalate.com/kauai-itinerary/
woman lounging under palm trees at one of the most stunning places to stay in Maui
Where to Stay in Maui
Where to stay in Maui: a breakdown of the best areas by price, beaches, snorkeling, location, and more. Find the best area to stay in Maui, plus 24 unique places to stay in Maui.
the best shopping neighborhood and boutiques in mau with text overlay that reads best shopping neighborhood and boutiques in mau
Best Shopping Neighborhoods & Boutiques in Maui
Whether you’re on the hunt for handmade pieces, upscale clothing, or local markets, this post outlines all of the best Maui shopping areas and stores.
woman snorkeling at one of the best snorkeling spots in Maui Snorkeling Maui, Maui Beaches, Hawaii Cruise, Maui Map, Hawaii Snorkeling, Maui Snorkeling, Maui Hotels, West Coast Travel, Hana Maui
Best Snorkeling Spots on Maui
The best snorkeling spots in Maui. From snorkeling beaches in Maui to Maui snorkel excursions and tours, here are all the best places for seeing marine life and sea turtles in Maui. See them all plotted on a Maui snorkel map!
some food is sitting on a table and there are two pictures with the words bend oregon's hidden gems loved by locals
Bend Oregon’s Hidden Gems Loved by Locals
I’m always on the lookout for where to eat in Bend, Oregon since my family and I go there every year to ski. Finding good food in the middle of central Oregon was like finding a needle in a haystack back in the day. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore.
a white plate topped with rice and meat covered in mushrooms, green onions and eggs
Where do the locals eat in Maui? All the places you can’t miss.
I’ve created this list answering “where do the locals eat in Maui” over many years of obsessively researching and talking to locals. I am continuously adding to it. So save this to Pinterest for later!
view of Columbia River Gorge landscape from a viewpoint that's a must visit on a Columbia River Gorge itinerary Wanderlust, Pacific Northwest, Portland Oregon, Destinations, Pacific Northwest Travel, Columbia River, Oregon Trail, Oregon Wineries
Columbia River Gorge Itinerary
The most exciting Columbia River Gorge itinerary you'll want to steal. Whether you have one day in Columbia Gorge for a day trip from Portland, Oregon or if you can spend 3 days in Columbia River Gorge, here are all the waterfalls, hikes, viewpoints, breweries, restaurants, and wineries you should stop at. Columbia River Gorge hikes | Columbia River Gorge waterfalls | Columbia Gorge day trip | things to do in Columbia River Gorge | day trips from Portland
a white bowl filled with rice and meat covered in sauce on top of a wooden table
Where Do the Locals Eat in Maui?
Every time I visit Hawaii, I ask myself, “Where do the locals eat in Maui?” That’s because I visit Maui every year and have become obsessed with finding the best local eats on the island. So if you’re interested in eating like you live on the island, consider this your definitive guide to where the locals eat in Maui!
the best shopping in mau for local gifts and fashion
Best Shopping in Maui for Local Gifts & Fashion
Maui is filled to the brim with locally-owned stores and boutiques selling handmade goods. Personally, I find Makawao and Paia to be the best Maui shopping neighborhoods because you can visit a bunch of these small businesses at once. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.
the best wineries in woodinville, wa with text overlay that reads
The Best Wineries in Woodinville
Looking for the best wineries in Woodinville, WA? Here is a map of the Woodinville wineries that a local recommends when you want to go wine tasting at wineries near Seattle. #wineries #wine #washington #winetravel #seattle #tastingroom #winetasting
a pie with whipped cream on top and the words, all the local places to eat that you can't miss in mau
All the local places to eat that you can’t miss in Maui
If you're interested in eating like you live on the island, consider this your definitive guide to where the locals eat in Maui!
the ultimate guide to visiting columbia river gorge in canada, with text overlaying it
The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Columbia River Gorge
When visiting Columbia River Gorge, outdoor activities are usually the first thing that come to mind. But visiting Columbia River Gorge is the perfect trip for foodies, beer and wine lovers, and spa/self care enthusiasts, too. If you’re looking for Columbia River Gorge activities that fit all interests, use this list to plan your trip. You’ll find the best Columbia River Gorge wineries, breweries near Hood River, some of the best Columbia Gorge hikes, and a unique Scandinavian inspired bath...
One of Oregon’s Coolest Towns - Fun Things to Do in Eugene -
There are so many fun things to do in Eugene, Oregon, though a lot of people tend to drive right by it. I’ll admit it took me longer than it should have to check it out finally, but after one visit I was hooked. If you’re curious about what this artsy college town is all about, look no further. Here is everything you need to know to help plan your next trip to Eugene, Oregon! Get the full list here - https://www.emeraldpalate.com/fun-things-to-do-in-eugene-oregon/
what to do in oregon's willamete valley besides drink wine? info
What to Do in Oregon Besides Drink Wine
Looking for the best things to do in Oregon besides wine tasting? This guide outlines the top things to do in Oregon wine country. It outlines all of the best things to do in Willamette Valley, including the best Oregon hikes, easy family friendly hikes in Oregon for beginners, Oregon art walks, Oregon antique shops, Oregon hot air balloon rides, Oregon farmers markets and more!