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All things vegan and cruelty-free!! Share your latest and greatest blog posts, recipes, products to try, anything!

Empathy Encompassed - A Mindful Vegan Lifestyle Blog
How to be a vegan! We tell you everything you need to know including ALL the tips and tricks! Let us help make your vegan transition easier! new vegans, how to be vegan, guide, vegan transition Vegan Transition, Compassion Quotes, How To Become Vegan, Vegan Nutrition, Vegan Beauty, Vegan Lifestyle, Vegan Friendly, Going Vegan, Need To Know

E*Books — The Vegan FEMPIRE

Check out all of our e-books we have at the FEMPIRE! Be sure to grab our FREE 15 minute vegan recipe book, and our FULL guide on how to be a vegan!

Find the best vegan documentaries to watch! Learn about the vegan lifestyle, diet, economical and environmental standpoints Best Vegan Documentaries, Homemade Fly Spray, Cow Photos, Good Fats, Vegan Lifestyle, Animal Rights, Meals For One, Going Vegan, Livestock

The Vegan FEMPIRE — A Plant-Based, Women Empowered, Movement

A Plant-Based, Women Empowered, Movement

Find out the ONE simple thing YOU can do to save the planet and make a difference! Save The Planet, Our Planet, Natural Life, Natural Living, Reasons To Be Vegan, How To Eat Less, How To Make, Protest Signs, Vegan Lifestyle

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Save The Planet!

Find out what the meat and dairy industries are doing to our planet and why adopting a vegan lifestyle is the most imporant to do.

Find out how to make this delicious Vegan Lasagna with spinach tofu ricotta. This fantastic dish is made with homemade sauce and mozzarella, and is oil free and dairy free. Or save time by using store bought products. It's the perfect dish for the holidays or any special occasion!

Easy Vegan Lasagna with Spinach Tofu Ricotta | A Plantiful Path

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Make any dinner special with this Easy Vegan Lasagna. Enjoy this delicious oil free, dairy free dish for the holidays or any special occasion!

Everything you need to know about dealing with friends and family during your vegan transition. Explanations of common vegan vs family drama issues! Natural Life, Natural Living, Vegan Transition, Family Issues, Vegan Kitchen, Vegan Lifestyle, Vegan Dinners, Your Family, Going Vegan

The Vegan FEMPIRE — A Plant-Based, Women Empowered, Movement

A Plant-Based, Women Empowered, Movement

We teach you how to lose 50 lbs by going VEGAN! Weight Loss Blogs, Weight Loss Goals, Body Sculpting Surgery, Lose 50 Pounds, Proper Diet, Regular Exercise, Powerful Quotes, Vegan Lifestyle, Change My Life

LOSE 50 LBS! The EASY and HEALTHY way!!

How I learned to drop 50 lbs, have radiant glowing skin, and beat hypothyroidism! My vegan journey starts here. Come join me!

how to go vegan and create healthy easy meals even if you are a bad chef! Healthy cooking for non-cooks is not as hard as you think! Check out this beginner vegan guide. Vegan Recipes Plant Based, Vegan Recipes Easy, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegan Easy, Vegan Blogs, Quotes Vegan, Worst Cooks, Cooking For Beginners, Beginner Cooking

About Me!

I like to occupy different spaces of the internet! Check out some of my other writings here! Interviews: Green Crush with Zahra (Eco Voyage) Starting a Career in Environmentalism (Phil the Fixer) …

Everyone has something to say when you tell them you're going vegan. Everything you need to know about dealing with friends and family during your vegan transition. Vegan Transition, Diet Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Eating Organic, Recipe Please, Latest Recipe, Vegan Lifestyle, Plant Based Diet, Natural Living

Dealing With Friends And Family When Going Vegan

Find out how to talk to friends and family postitively about being vegan, learn how to prepare for questions and conversations

What is the best vegan candy to buy? What list of non-vegan ingredients are hiding in candy? Get a quick free download of a comprehensive and checked out vegan candy list with all your favorites: Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy, Hubba Bubba, Dum Dums Lollipops, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Dots, Skittles, Gobstoppers, Red Vines, Twizzlers, Swiss Dark Chocolate, Air Heads, Smarties Candy Rolls, Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, are Vegan Candy at Walmart! #VeganCandyInStores

Vegan Halloween Candy List (free download)

Need vegan candies? Check out Walmart for the best prices! Also, download our pretty FREE PRINTABLE list of extensive vegan candies (hard/soft/chocolates).

Enjoy 23 easy and delicious vegan recipes in your Instant Pot.Try a variety of hot soups (broccoli cheddar, carrot ginger, potato leak, mulligatawny, tomato, lentil and curry), portobello pot roast, cuban black beans, pasta, tasty curries and chilis,smoky lentil sloppy joes,  mexican quinoa, lentil risotto with butternut squash, spaghetti and meatballs, stir fry, maple ginger noodles, lo mein, and wild rice dishes. So much versatility with your instant pot. #crockpot #pressurecooker… Delicious Vegan Recipes, Tasty, Mulligatawny, Gluten Free Recipes For Breakfast, Carrot And Ginger, Broccoli Cheddar, Hot Soup, Spaghetti And Meatballs, Rice Dishes

23 Delightful Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

Enjoy easy and delicious vegan recipes in your instant pot: soup, stew, pasta, tasty chili, quinoa, curry, pasta, stir fry, and rice dishes!

Have you ever wondered what yoga really is. What are the benefits of yoga? What are the types of yoga? Or simply how to do yoga. This yoga guide for beginners or even experts will teach you everything. Pilates Training, Yoga Pilates, Meditation Musik, Meditation Apps, Meditation Benefits, Yoga Benefits, Health Benefits, Jim Rohn, Energie Positive

Vegan Vitamins | Liquid Vitamins | Gluten Free Vitamins

Shop at MaryRuth's for Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free Vitamins. We specialize in Liquid and Gummy Vitamins for the whole family!

- Learn how to be a spiritual vegan. Connect your body and mind to make for an eas… Learn how to be a spiritual vegan. Connect your body and mind to make for an easy smooth transition. Grounding, sleep, awakening, and balance Compassion Quotes, Gratitude Quotes, Corpse Pose, How To Become Vegan, I Feel Good, Vegan Lifestyle, Spiritual Inspiration, Spiritual Quotes, Easy

How To Be A Spiritual Vegan: — The Vegan FEMPIRE

The journey to veganism is overwhemling. Learn the best ways to keep your mind and body connected and become more spiritual as a result

Best Vegan High Protein Snacks Some great Vegan Protein recipes! Vegan Protein Sources, Vegan Protein Bars, High Protein Vegan Recipes, Vegan Recipes Plant Based, Best Protein, Vegetarian Recipes, Snack Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Veg Recipes

Best Vegan High Protein Snacks

(This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase through a link, I might get a small commission from that purchase, at no additional cost to you. This keeps my blog runni…

The Vegan FEMPIRE — A Plant-Based, Women Empowering, Movement : Find our favorite boho home decor an Zen Home Decor, Hippie Home Decor, Cheap Home Decor, Boho Decor, Vintage Hippie, Hippie Boho, Urban Hippie, Bohemian, Yoga Studio Design

Hippie Home Decor- Our Top 10 AMAZON Pieces — The Vegan FEMPIRE

These are our top 10 favorite boho, hippie, zen home decor pieces on amazon. We share all of our favorites, and all prime of course!

There is never a better time than NOW to have your kids help in the kitchen. Teach them this essential life skill while you are at home together. Cooking and baking together is a great activity, and one your children will benefit from forever. It will also benefit you to get the extra help! Get this handy 16 page guidebook with activities and lists for your kids to fill out so they can do self-assessments on their skills. They will be motivated and encouraged to learn and eat new foods too! How To Teach Kids, Self Assessment, Guide Book, Life Skills, Teaching Kids, Booklet, Cool Kitchens, New Recipes, Encouragement

How to Teach Kids to Cook Vegan during Covid 19

Teaching your kids to cook vegan during Covid19 is a great skill to pass on to your kids and fantastic family activity while quarantined.