Meeri Gehege mit Maßen

Custom built for the girls! Cage is with a loft. Home to Skittles, Marshmallow, Dixie, Lola and Moo Moo!


Ramps and steps out of tree cookies. Found onsite and free to replace. Also sunken barrel is cool!

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Buddelkisten für Kaninchen - Haltung, Pflege, Verhalten

Kaninchen Haltung

Gartengehege bauen

A breathtaking outdoor Bunny Paradise! I love how you are able to spend time with your rabbits while actually being inside their habitat. This is the perfect idea, if you do not wish to bring your bunnies inside your house.

Kaninchenbaum Futterbaum Nature

Kerbl Kaninchenbaum Futterbaum Nature