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Enno Filius Diaboli
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New pet

Me: oh hey seedeater! Me: (looks down to see Ej desperately trying to hold seedeater.

aphrodisiacart: “CHRISTOPHER LOVELL PORTFOLIO http://lovell-art.deviantart.com Géantissime !!! ”

Christopher Lovell - Baphomet [Art - Illustration - Black and White]

Baphomet-Online.jpg (1609×2048)

22 x 28 poster


The "creepy girl figures" always creep me out. Wow that is really creepy because she doesn't have a body! <<is this the girl from the Grudge?

Eternal Darkness

Luis Van Cleef from Barcelona // Sludge & Metal & Whiskey & Whores & Hell & Outlaw Country & Desert,& Darkness & Satan & Doom & Swamp & & Stuff & WWII.

hell satan satanism 666 satanic baphomet satanist satana

Lamb Illustration by Marta Sokolowska.

Summer Breeze by ~riddickart on deviantART

If Mark Riddick isn’t old school, I don’t know what is.

"Baskets, baskets" she implored. "I'll make one for your soul"...Forest DARK

Photo "Amentia" by Nikolay Tikhomirov (prop inspiration)

occult-black-and-white-ghostly-experimental-photography-Favim.com-550703.jpg (441×636)

occult, black and white, ghostly, experimental photography

Skull Baphomet / by Jumali Katani