MINT Ideen für die Grundschule

a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table
3 Salz-Experimente, die dir in der Schule keiner zeigt
3 Salz-Experimente, die dir in der Schule keiner zeigt. #diy #salz #deko #experiment #geld #basteln
a green and blue object sitting on top of a lush green plant covered in water
Wasserrad bauen aus Flaschendeckeln und CDs
an egg drop project for kids with toothbrushes and other items to make it
STEM for Kids: Egg Drop Project
Egg Drop Project 2016: Fun STEM / STEAM activity for kids- Design an egg contraption to protect a raw egg in this egg drop challenge! (with 2 FREE printable recording sheets!) ~ via @
three tiered glass vases with rocks and water in them, labeled on the bottom
Mini-Kläranlage Selber Bauen | Filterzentrale
a water bottle with the words light refation experiment written on it and an arrow pointing up
Watch Light Bend In This Simple Light Refraction Experiment!
the instructions for cardboard spectrometers are shown in three different colors and sizes
Cardboard Spectrometer, Rainbows in Your Pocket
Make a spectrometer out of a cardboard tube and broken piece of a CD. #Instructables #rainbow #color #upcycle #reuse #light #science #spectrograph
a person is holding a pink flower in front of a purple sign that says tress experiment
3 Salz-Experimente, die dir in der Schule keiner zeigt
a plastic bag hanging from the side of a window with rain and clouds drawn on it
BetterLesson Coaching
Sachunterricht in der Grundschule: Wasserkreislauf sichtbar machen
a collage of photos showing how to make a toilet paper roll rocket with a rainbow in the background
Rainbow Science for Kids: Homemade Spectroscope
Make a homemade spectroscope with a few simple materials and explore the spectrum of different light sources. You'll see all kinds of rainbows! This science activity for kids makes a great addition to a unit on light or weather and is perfect for St. Patrick's Day too! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board!   Light experiments are always fun, especially when they involve rainbows!  In this science activity kids will make their own spectroscope- an instrument used to split light into
an assortment of activities to teach children about plants
8 Experimente mit Wasser – Forschen in der Grundschule
a young boy is looking at a candle in a glass jar with water inside it
Coanda-Effekt | Experimente | Erklärung | Video
Coanda-Effekt | Experimente | Erklärung | Video
a hand holding a glass bottle with a thermometer in it that is inside
Flaschenteufel zum Nachbauen mit Kindern: Tanzender Flaschentaucher
Flaschenteufel zum Nachbauen: Tanzender Flaschentaucher
a person holding their hands over a large water bottle that is half filled with water
[Experiment für Kinder] Abgetaucht wie ein U-Boot
Das Taucher-Experiment
a jar filled with water sitting on top of a table
Wetter-Experiment: DIY-Regen im Glas - Keinsteins Kiste
a table with several books and papers on it
Blog | Einblick in unsere Mini-Wasserwerkstatt
Ideenreise - Blog | Innovativ- kreativ: Material für die Grundschule