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Thorin and Frerin by ~Deelane

Where was Frerin in the beginning of the first Hobbit film? We know he had to be alive when Smaug came to take the mountain. - ( Thorin and Frerin by ~Deelane

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Educating Kíli and Fíli, good luck Balin! Kili is sleeping while he is supposed to do his work so Fili is telling Balin to be quiet. While Thorin and Dwalin watch from the doorway.

fili and kili

Scene after the incident with the stone giants. :( (and the orcs. and the orcs. and probably any other intense scene.

This is when Fili and Kili nearly drown in the river when the horses got loose in chapter two

In chapter II of 'The Hobbit.' Fili & Kili nearly drown trying to rescue one of the ponies.

"It's just a scratch." No, it's an orc WOUND.

piiib: “ Thorin X Kili / Desolation of Smaug ” Kiss it better Thorin DO ETT This is seriously adorable tho.

For the love of.... by loobeeinthesky on DeviantArt  “Kili, for the love of Aule, I’m okay lad.”

"I'm fine, Kili. -- "We almost lost you, Uncle. by loobeeinthesky ---- my heart simply CANNOT handle this